Goals for 2013

In no particular order…

1. Finish more projects

I get all excited about starting new projects but often get sidetracked or lose interest along the way. I need to go through my unfinished projects and either finish them or throw the fabric back in to my stash. Speaking of which…

2. Stop buying fabric! 

Making my own clothes is really new to me and I have quickly got sucked in to all of the beautiful fabric out there…I have an embarrassingly large stash now so I need to stop buying and start making.

3. Make the house more homely

We bought our house in Feb 2012, just 2 months before we had Olive. Other than a bit of decorating we haven’t really done much. There’s lots of big stuff we need to do like build fireplaces, spilt rooms but have a limited budget so those will have to wait. This year I want to concentrate on the small stuff that will make it feel more like our own as opposed to living in someone else’s home. I need to make art door the walls and paint the dining room chairs. My first project is painting the kitchen cupboards and fitting a Belfast sink.

4. Live more simply 

This has always been the dream but I seem to cram way too much in to our still. I need to let go more and just be. 

5. Buy less stuff

I have a massive problem with charity shopping and car boot sales, as such we end up with way to much stuff around…stuff to grow in to, stuff to fix, stuff to upcycle. I need to stop with the stuff! 

6. Read the books I’ve got 

This is kind of related to the previous goal…I love being surrounded by books so pick them up at charity shops all the time…however, with 2 small children and a brain made of mush I get very little time to get through them. The unready are starting to take over the reads on the bookcase. Not good! 

7. Spend more time and money on experiences 

Whilst talking of house plans a few says ago, my husband asked me if when I get to 70 would I rather say, I did this, or I’ve got this? I’m definitely of the former group, I just need to stay focused on that during the everyday.

8. Start selling my crafty wares

I did a craft fair just over a year ago in which I sold some of my stuff to a local shop, very lucky for a first timer! Then I got pregnant with Olive and didn’t really have the energy to pursue it. I also registered an etsy shop and left it at that. This year I’m going focus more on trying to make it viable as a business.

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