DIY: Fabric Scrap Brooches


I’ve been doing a lot of sewing recently so am getting quite a pile of little scrap pieces, here’s another tutorial to help use them up.

You will need:

Fabric/Felt Scraps

Safety Pin or brooch back

Needle and thread

Paper & Pen



1. Draw a flower shape on to piece of paper and cut out.

2. Place on top of piece of fabric and cut around. Repeat 3-5 times making each flower slightly smaller.

3. Place all layers together, starting with biggest at bottom and smallest on top.

4. Sew button on top, sewing through all layers.

5. Sew safety pin or brooch back on to the back.

I also made some little heart shaped ones out of felt but Delilah quickly claimed them and the photo’s I got of her were a blurry mess!  These make beautiful gifts and you can use different types of fabric, or change the size and shape to suit the person you’re giving them too. They also take 10-15 minutes to make, always a bonus!


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2 Responses to DIY: Fabric Scrap Brooches

  1. These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for joining in the mumsnet crafts linky, in a totally selfish way have now seen how nice your blog is so will start following it!!

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