DIY: Mummy Bunny


I had no real plans for celebrating Easter in a big way but seen as the weather is still so rubbish I’ve decided to use it as an excuse to do lots of crafting, with and for the girls. I thought I’d turn some of the things we’re doing in to tutorials in case anyone else out there is in need of similar disctraction from being housebound.

This first tutorial is for a Mummy Bunny, her baby tutorial is coming tomorrow. Delilah has already claimed her, luckily I took these photo’s before she got dragged through a puddle on the way to the post office earlier. I’ve got high hopes of making Olive a Big Bird cushion too which i’ll share later in the week, just in time for last minute Easter gift giving (if that’s your thing!)

You will need:

Roughly 1/2 yard fabric (depends on how big you want your rabbit, mine is 15 inch tall- 13inch finished)

Contrasting scrap fabric for front pocket

Embroidery thread


Sewing Machine


Old paper/newspaper

Old cushion (for stuffing)

Fabric marker pen (the kind that dissolves)

1. Draw rabbit shape on to piece of paper. Remember it will be stuffed so make it much bigger than you want the finished bunny (my template is15inch/38cm high and 13inch finished)

2. Draw an oval shape that is a bit smaller than the bunny’s head. Draw on rabbit features.

3. Fold fabric in half, right sides facing. Pin rabbit template on top and cut around, leaving you 2 body shapes.

4. Place oval face shape on to felt and cut around. Transfer the eyes, nose and mouth on to the felt using your fabric pen.

5. Embroider facial features in place using backstitch (link at bottom on how to do)

6. Sew face to the right side of one of your body pieces.

7. Now make the pocket pouch. Cut out piece of fabric to fit the belly part of your bunny ( I didn’t make a template) Fold over top edge by 0.5cm and the same again. Topstitch in place. I the other edges raw as I prefer the look.

8. Sew pocket on to the rabbit body, the same piece that has the face on.

9. Pin both bunny body pieces together, right sides facing.

10. Sew all around the edge, leaving a 1inch gap at the bottom for turning.

11. Cut notches all around curved bits (link at bottom)

12. Turn the bunny right side out, using a knitting needle to get right to the end of the ears.

13. Stuff with old cushion filling or polyester stuffing.

14. Slipstich gap closed. (link at bottom)

How to do backstitch:

How to do notches:

How to slipstitch:

I used liberty print fabric from the new bloomsbury range as I thought it was nice and Springy, but this would also be great to use old vintage sheets or old favourite clothes that no longer fit.





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