DIY: Baby Bunny


This is the Baby bunny to go in yesterday’s Mummy Bunny pocket pouch.

The instructions are pretty much the same except I’ve sewn the facial features straight on to the body so you won’t need felt.

You will need:

Fabric scrap approx 6inch by 14inch (depends on size you want your baby bunny.

Embroidery thread and needle

Paper for template

Fabric marker (the dissolving kind)

Sewing Machine

Polyester stuffing (or use insides of an old cushion/pillow)

1. Draw your bunny shape on to paper and cut out

2. Pin on to folded fabric (right sides together) and cut around. You will have 2 bunny pieces.

3. Draw your facial features on to the right side of one of your pieces using the fabric marker.

4. Embroider over the top of your pen marks.

5. Pin your 2 body pieces together, right sides facing.

6. Sew all around the edges leaving a 1inch gap at the bottom for turning.

7. Turn inside out (use a knitting needle for ears) and fill with your polyester stuffing.

8. Sew gap closed using slipstitch (tutorial in yesterdays DIY)

Put your baby in Mummy’s pocket!

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