Delilah’s First Trip to the Theatre: Spots Birthday Party



These are the only pictures I managed to get of my biggest babies first outing to the theatre (she’s not loving the camera in her face this week, fair enough I’m not sure I’d want to be chased round by a giant taking pictures of my every move either)

Anyway, this was a special little trip organised by Delilah’s playgroup and as Spot was one of my favourite books growing up (child of the 80’s!) I was a little bit excited! Delilah on the other hand was mainly oblivious right up until he came on stage.

We made a special day of it by my Mum coming to watch Olive for a couple hours whilst I got to spend some quality time on my own with my lilttle Delilah. And it was lovely. (except for the bit on the bus home where she refused to put her shoes on and kicked a passer by-lets pretend that didn’t happen) The show was great. Delilah was completely enthralled, so much so that she didn’t even notice I had forgotten to take snacks! I’ll definitely be looking at what else is on to maybe make a more regular thing of it, although it’s not cheap I think it was really worth it, say every few months or so.

And I’ll definitely be planning on more ‘just lilah and mummy’ time too.


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2 Responses to Delilah’s First Trip to the Theatre: Spots Birthday Party

  1. fritha says:

    Oh my gosh how beautiful is Delilah!?! glad I you commented on my blog as I’ve now found yours and off for a good read 🙂 x

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