Recipe: Instant Berry Icecream

Ok, so this isn’t exactly Ice cream but it tastes almost as good and had Delilah completely fooled. I’m sure there are tons of recipes out there for similar types of stuff but this came out of a last minute attempt at making something healthy out of what’s left in the house. We go on holiday tomorrow so the fridge is bare! My last minuteness can often lead to food disasters (brussel sprout gratin anyone?) but this time it actually paid off and this was really yummy.   


What better way to eat it but with your fingers?


1/2 tub of greek yoghurt (or natural)

1 pack of frozen berries

2 tbspn honey

Throw everything in the blender and blend until fairly smoothish. It’s that simple! You can can change the amounts of each or add stuff to it depending on what you have to hand. This made enough for a big portion each for me and the girls and another couple that I’ve thrown in a tub to keep in the freezer. I’ve got a feeling that this will become a bit of a staple during the summer months. I really want to try it with frozen banana next…mmmmm.



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