The kind thrifty gods


As of this weekend just gone we are a tv free house. It was a decision we have come too with much difficulty. We all love a bit of tv but lately I have been using it more and more as a bit of a crux to help get the dinner made or a bit of cleaning done. Consequently, we’ve had a few struggles in tearing certain family members away ( I shall name no names!) and it’s left me questioning my parenting choices (which are already far from the organic, attachmenty ideals I set out with) and so it’s gone.

For the time being at least we haven’t missed it but I know Winter will be so much harder so if I’ve started looking out for vintage games in the charity shops…today the gods were kind!

Note: this is in no way a judgement on anyone else’s choices…it’s just a personal decision in our own parenting journey. (Also, we have the laptop/ iPad to watch netflix in case of emergency’s!)

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