DIY: Fabric Scrap Cards


Now I know to most it’s probably a little crazy to start talking about Christmas, but let me explain. Last year I had every intention of making it a ‘handmade’ Christmas and then the day to day reality of having a then 6 month old and 2 1/4 year old kicked in and it never happened. I then had to go on a massive last-minute panic shop where I ending up spending way more than I could really afford but felt like I’d been wedged in to a corner.  And so, this year I’m determined to make an extra special effort to make it at least a lot homemade (I don’t want to set the bar too high!) and if that’s going to happen I need to start now.

With money being a little tight I want to make as much as a possibly can with materials I already have to hand.

These cards are sooooo easy to do that you can have a few presents made in less than 15 minutes, perfect!

You will need: fabric scraps, cards (I picked mine up from The Works for 4.99 for 50), sewing machine, Old needle (I always save my old sewing machine needles so that can use them when sewing through card as it otherwise immediately blunts them)

Gather your fabric scraps and find combinations that you think look good together, position on the card and then carefully place them under the needle being careful to hold them in place. I like to sew randomly rather than keeping it neat but that’s totally up to you! (also, be careful not to sew through both layers of card).

I like to tie 5 cards together with some string/wool and wrap in tissue paper.





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